Creation of a Stormglass



   This is a very creative, time-consuming and technologically dependent process that takes place on many wonderful levels.


1. Design

    Our first step is to carefully consider how a new Stormglass will look.

Raw drawing and final product...but it is long way from the paper to final Stormglass



2. Gathering materials

    The Stormglass is physically formed by two basic parts - the glass ampoule and the pedestal. Creating the Stormglass is an intricate process, comprised of several lengthy steps.


The Glass ampoule

   Ampoules, crafted according to drawings and specifications, are made from a chemically resistant borosilicate glass.


    Hundreds of years of tradition and experience in Czech glass-blowing, outstanding quality control and their professional prowess in processing the perfect glass, provides us with creative and unique glass vessels and ampoules, of the highest possible quality.

Technical drawing and corresponding ampoule



    After many tenacious steps of various metal and wood applications, a new pedestal is born and, together with a suitable ampoule, forms an  originally unique Stormglass.

A unique model that was born from four discarded items . . ..