Gallery of Crystals

    In this category, various shapes of crystals and crystalline arrangements are presented. This is a collection of selected pictures since the year 2004.



Poetry of crystals

    The simple and elegant delicate beauty of crystal growth, has its own poetry and charm. The following pictures show the wonderful variety of fascinating crystalline arrangements which can be produced by the Stormglass. Patient watching of your Stormglass will reveal interesting and daily changing crystal formations, such as a stars, squares, leaves, ferns, bushes, trees, animals and other various breathtaking arrangements, which evoke imagination of magical views from the frozen and secret world of crystals...











 Try to find your own, new, crystalline arrangement and name it...then you can send it to us and we can add your discovery to this gallery with your name - the name of discoverer!














Next picture are without is up to you to find your own naming.





Crystals under a magnifying lens

    Some crystal formations are concealed in normal viewing, but you can see these better when magnified. For this, a 10-times magnifying lens is sufficient.  The following pictures show the beauty of otherwise "hidden" crystals.



    Stormglass crystal formations are like modern art..... open to interpretation! Try to use your imagination to imagine what could be hidden in the crystalline arrangement in the following picture. Everybody of course has a differing imagination, ...What do you see there? ...answer below the picture.

 Don Quijote on the Horse