This gallery shows our range of flat ampoule Stormglasses with polished semi-precious stone pedestals. Due to limited pedestal size, only small spherical ampoules can be used. Generally we use ampoules of 60 mm (2.4 inch) in diameter.

P-KM-1 - Agate;   P-KM-2 - Agate;   P-KM-3 - Amethyst "Moss"



P-KM-4 - Amethyst;   P-KM-5 - Rose quartz;   P-KM-6 - Aventurine



P-KM-7 – Calcite ;   P-KM-8 – Rhyolite ; P-KM-9 – Lepidolite




    In the model example P-KM-10, we have utilised a large Agate slice for the pedestal, allowing the larger flat ampoule size of 80 mm (3.1 inch) in diameter, to be used for construction of the Stormglass.

P-KM-10 - Agate