In this category you can see Stormglasses with spherical shape of ampoule. The diameters of the ampoule can be made in range of 30 - 110 mm (1.2 - 4.3 inches), whereas the most frequently used size are diameters in 50 - 80 mm (2 - 3 inches).


Series K-1 - Pedestal - Wood

    The first series K-1 represents models with wooden podestal only.




Series K-2 - Pedestal - Wood - Metal

    The second series K-2 represents models with wooden podestal combined with various metals.



Series K-3 - Pedestal - Metal

    The third series K-3 represents models with metallic pedestals. The stormglass K-3/4 has in the middle part of the pedestal mineral pyrit (fool's gold).




Series K-4 - Pedestal - Glass, Ceramic, Stone

    The fourth series K-4 represents Stormglasses with pedestals formed in glass, ceramic or rock.