In this category you can see Stormglasses, where the ampoule takes a form of a flat disc. Usually we make the ampoules in diameters of      50 - 100 mm (2 - 3.9 inches) and thickness of 15 - 25 mm (0.6 - 1 inch).



Series P-1 - Pedestal - Wood

    The first series P-1 represents models in wooden pedestal.




Series P-2 - Pedestal - Wood - Metal

    The second series P-2 represents models in wood combined with metal.




Series P-3 - Pedestal - Metal

    The third series P-3 represents models with metallic pedestals only.




Series P-4 - Pedestal - Marble, Glass

    The fourth series P-4 represents models with pedestals formed by glass or marble combined with metal.