The cylindrical ampoule is the most frequently used shape for Stormglasses, and it was the only Stormglass shape used in the 19th century. Common cylinder diameters are 20 - 30 mm (0.8 - 1.2 inches), and lengths from 90 - 170 mm (3.5 - 6.7 inches) - these sizes ensure the best crystal growth. We can however custom make cylinders to order, but some larger sizes can adversely affect the crystal growth.




Series V-1 - Pedestal - Wood

    The first series V-1 represents models with wooden pedestals only with various surface treatment and side-view.



Series V-2 - Pedestal - Wood - Metal

    The second series V-2 represents models with pedestals where metal and wood are combined together.




Series V-3 - Pedestal - Metal

    The third series V-3 represents models with metallic pedestals only.




Series V-4 - Pedestal - Wood - Metalic capsule

    The fourth series V-4 represents models when cylindrical ampoule is partly covered by metal capsule.




Series V-5 - Pedestal with roof construction

    The fifth series V-5 represents "roofed" Stormglasses.




Series V-6 - Hanging

    The sixth series V-6 represents the examples of the "hanging" models, suitable for hanging on the wall - models V-6/1 - V-6/6 or "free hanging" models as is depicted on examples V-6/7 and V-6/8.




Series V-7 - Pedestal - Glass, Ceramic, Stone

    The seventh series V-7 represents cylindrical Stormglasses where the pedestal by glass, ceramic or stone material is formed.