In this category you can see Stormglasses where the shape of the ampoule resembles a cube. The size of the angular ampoule is   42 x 42 mm (1.7 inch) and height approx. 60 mm (2.4 inches), but we can prepare ampoules of different height if required.


Series H-1 - Pedestal - Wood

    The first series H-1 represents models with wooden pedestal only.




Series H-2 - Pedestal - Wood - Metal

    The second series H-2 represents models with wooden pedestal combined with metal.




Series H-3 - Pedestal - Metal

    The third series H-3 represents models with metallic pedestals only.





Series H-4 - Pedestal - Marble, Glass

    The fourth series H-4 represents models in pedestals from marble or glass combined with metal or wood.