With thermometer - Series AP-2


    This type of apparatus is composed of two main parts: Stormglass and thermometer. This arrangement enables the simultaneous monitoring of the crystalization in the Stormglass under known ambient temperature.  We use two types of thermometer, liquid and bi-metal.



    The model AP-2/3 utilises an antique-style wooden pedestal support, with a thermometer situated on the left side, and a moisture meter on the right.



    Model AP-2/5 has the Stormglass ampoule housed in a wooden hourglass style mount, with a large dial type bi-metal thermometer on the top.


    Apparatus AP-2/6 was designed as a small weather station. On three sides of the wooden case, individual "devices or instruments" are mounted: Goethe barometer on the left side, flat Stormglass on the front and with thermometer on the right. The back is formed with matte glass to ensure enough light inside for easy viewing of the crystals in the flat ampoule.


    Model AP-2/7 is comprised of cylindrical ampoule and Goethe barometer, with a bi-metal thermometer placed in the upper corner of dark wooden pedestal.



    Apparatus AP-2/8, shown in two pictures here, has a brass body with spherical ampoule on the top. On the side of the brass body, a red alcohol liquid thermometer is fixed.