With optics - Series AP-1

    This type of the apparatus is typically an ampoule equipped with magnifying glass in a metallic capsule. These apparatus enable you to watch magnified crystaline growth in the Stormglass.


    The first series AP-1 represents spherical Stormglasses with magnifying lens in a metalic rail. By horizontal movement of the lens, this arrangement enables focus on each part of the crystaline arrangement inside the Stormglass.



    This arrangement is used when a Stormglass of bigger size is used, as for example with spherical ampoules of large diameter. The following picture AP-1/4 detail, showing the view through the lens, demonstrates the lens effect in detail.


    In case of ampoules with lower diameter, around 20 mm, magnifying glass with locked focal distance is used. The lens is in focused position so the view is clear and sharp. This arrangement is used for example for cylinder AP-1/5 and AP-1/7 and flat ampoule AP-1/6 and AP-1/8.





   The models AP-1/9 and AP-1/10 utilise the bigger size of flat ampoule, with diameter of 10 cm (3.9 inch). The magnifying glass is housed in a dark steel case, which is fixed on the heavy cast-iron pedestal to ensure good stability.