Gallery of Models


    This gallery shows the various types of Stormglasses we designed. We use seven basic types and you can find more pictures of these models in corresponding subsections:


 All-glass models (I.type)

Combined models (II.type)

Apparatus (III. type)

Stormglasses with stone (IV. type)

Coloured models (V.type)

Illuminated models (VI.type)

Unusually shaped models (VII. type)



    The Stormglasses shown in the individual subsections represent only a fraction of the possibilities. We can make almost any shape and size that you want.  Most of our Stormglasses introduced here were made in one piece only.


    The aim of this gallery is to let your imagination run free.  You will see why some of these models are in special demand. Each model below is marked by a number code.