Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


Is it possible to predict weather with a Stormglass?

    In the 19th century, people believed that weather prediction was possible for the next 24-72 hours. Japanese study from the year 2008 in the Journal of Crystal Growth, shows that weather prediction is very difficult, but possible. The german authors of the article "Admiral Fitzroys legendäre Sturmglas" from the year 2012, summarised their study, which concluded that weather prediction was not possible...
    We have to emphasise that admiral Fitzroy studied the Stormglass mainly under the microscope.... and we are convinced, that this could be the key to finally answering this question... because crystal changes at microscopic scale, are probably more dynamic and maybe can indeed correspond to the coming weather... now, it is up to you!  Try to solve the mystery of the Stormglass with your detailed study.

Is Stormglass mixture toxic?

    No, the mixture inside the Stormglass is not toxic when you touch it by hands, but if swallowed, toxicity can occure. Common sense prevails... do not eat or drink!  In case of contact after accidental breakage, wash skin with soap and water. The characteristic smell of the mixture is from the natural compound camphor.

Is the Stormglass suitable for outside location?

    Stormglasses are suitable for indoor use, mainly because outside extreme weather could destroy the surface of the pedestal by rain, frost or sunshine. Long periods of UV light from direct sunshine will decompose the Stormglass mixture... many very old Stormglasses have a yellowish to brown mixture which has decomposed.
So, the best place for Stormglass is in your house, and out of direct sunlight.

When do crystals start to grow in my Stormglass?

  The mixture can be activated by placing the Stormglass in a warm place over-night, then moving the Stormglass to a colder place. Next day you should be able to observe the first crystal growths starting inside the ampoule.



Where is the best position to place a Stormglass?

    Stable surface, with no vibration and out of direct sunshine, where there is a slight temperature change over every 24 hours. You must make experiments and find the most suitable place in your house. Stormglass is not a toy - keep it out of the  reach of children. Keep it out of the reach of pets. The mixture in the glass ampoule is flamable, avoid any contact with sources of ignition (flame, cookers, each type of owen, candle, sparks etc). Do not place the stormglass to the fridge, it can burst. Do not place the stormglass to any type of owen (microvawe, electric, gas etc), there can explode. Stormglass should be stored at places in temperature range 10 – 35°C, temperatures below 10 °C or above 35 °C are not recommended.