Weather glass

S t o r m g l a s s


. . . an ancient instrument from the time when weather forecasting was born . . .


    is a sealed glass ampoule containing a very specialised, safe chemical solution which creates varied elegant crystalline arrangements, depending on changes in the environment.


Stormglasses were inveted and used for weather prediction in England, in 19th century.
    Nowadays, the StormGlass represents a fascinating and mysterious system for producing infinite formations of crystals. Old crystals slowly disappear and new ones are reborn in the form of stars, leaves, squares, twigs, ferns, orchards, tree groves and other mysterious shapes and sizes.








Our atelier is focused on design of Stormglasses without almost any limitations. We have been designing the Stormglasses since 2004.



Our production ethos dictates that over 70% of our Stormglasses are unique one-off designs.



Each Stormglass has our mark (K&B PRAGUE)      

Every Stormglass made by us carries our makers mark "K&B Prague".


This mark designates and guarantees your quality assurance and provenance of our original Art, created in our Prague studio.



    We are presently in pursuit of designing new and novel models as we continue to study and enhance every aspect of the Stormglass.

We are currently focused on producing one-of-a-kind custom made and collectable Stormglasses, and welcome customer input to allow us to create a unique Stormglass, just for you.



    We initially only exported our Stormglasses throughout Europe. Our export trade later increased Worldwide and we now have positive feedback from hundreds of supremely satisfied customers all over the world.
    The crystal growth phenomenon therefore knows no geographical boundaries, and is a wonderful feeling for us and for those who want to share in the magic!

. . . therefore, now you can find  our Stormglasses in 44 countries in the world . . .


The Czech Republic produces the most diverse Stormglasses in the world.

...our country is the uncrowned King in the design of Stormglasses..